Software Carpentry Bootcamp
10-11 February 2014
IMAS Building, Hobart Waterfront

The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (CoECSS) present the AMOS / CoECSS Software Carpentry Bootcamp.

What is the Software Carpentry bootcamp?  

The mission of the Software Carpentry project is to help scientists be more productive by teaching them basic computing skills. Scientists often spend much of their time wrestling with software, but most are self-taught programmers. As a result, they spend hours doing things that should take minutes, reinvent a lot of wheels, and still don’t know if their results are reliable. To tackle this problem, Software Carpentry runs two-day bootcamps at dozens of sites around the world. For example, the University of Oxford, MIT, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will all host bootcamps in 2012/13.  

Who should attend?   

The Hobart bootcamp is aimed at postgraduate students (including honours) and other research scientists working in the AMOS sciences (i.e. meteorology, climatoloogy, oceanography, glaciology) who are familiar with basic programming concepts like loops, conditionals, arrays, and functions, but need help to translate this knowledge into practical tools to help them work more productively. It is not anticipated that people who attended the AMOS/CoECSS bootcamp at the University of Melbourne in February 2013 will also attend this one, as the teaching content will be very similar.  

What do we teach? 

Via a series of short lessons and hands-on practical exercises, the bootcamp will cover the core skills AMOS scientists need in order to be productive in a small team: 

- Using the shell to do more in less time 
- Using version control to manage and share information
- Basic Python programming
- How (and how much) to test programs
- How to manage your data (and metadata)

We will also touch on program design and construction, matrix programming, and software development lifecycles. 


Participants must bring a laptop with a few specific software packages installed (the list will be sent to participants in the months prior to the boot camp). If you don't have a laptop, we'll pair you up with someone who does.    

Registration $120.00 for full fee and $90.00 for students. 

Registrations will close at the same time as the standard registration period for the AMOS conference (31 December 2013) or when the venue capacity (50 people) has been reached, whichever comes first.

For further information:  Damien Irving


The instructors at the bootcamp (listed below) include technical staff working in the AMOS sciences (e.g. staff from the Computational Modelling Support team within the CoECSS) and actual AMOS scientists who have previous experience teaching at Software Carpentry boot camps. 

- Damien Irving (University of Melbourne)
- Scott Wales (CoECSS, University of Melbourne)
- Paola Petrelli (CoECSS, University of Tasmania)
- Ben Galton-Fenzi (Australian Antarctic Division)
- Thomas Chubb (Monash University)
- David Flanders (Information Technology Services, University of Melbourne) 
- (more to come)